Friday, 24 September 2010

Really Easy Cheesecake

A recipe from my friend Marie, she said it was easy and she was right......

Get a packet of ginger biscuits, crush them up. Remove small child from kitchen having a tantrum because she wanted to eat the biscuits. Melt some butter, mix with biscuits, press into cheesecake tin, chill.

Whisk up tub of Marscapone and tin of condensed milk (which I have managed to find in France, hurray!!) with juice & zest of some lemons or limes for a good 4 minutes. Apparently if you don't do this for long enough, it won't work. Not being prepared to take that chance, I whisked it for ages........

Pour into tin, chill

And that's it. Chuck on some chocolate curls if you're feeling really extravagent - we didn't have any chocolate :-(

My dinner guests loved it, the kids ate 2 lots each, I finished what was left for breakfast the next day, fantastic.


  1. Hi Helen:

    If you'd like another no bake option, try this one: (though you may find it hard to get the American ingredients where you are locally). Or this traditional baked "New York Style" cheesecake which calls for Philadelphia cream cheese (think neufchatel but with 2/3 more fat and decidely MUCH denser):

  2. Hi Helen,
    What size mascarpone, 250g or 500g.

  3. Tried it with the 5oog pack of mascarpone, delicious!!!

  4. I usually use the 250g one, bet it's even nicer with 500g!
    Made on the other day using Speculoos as the base, really nice.......

  5. Is it a bit like New York cheesecake then?
    Sounds pretty delish!!