Friday, 17 August 2012

Hammy Eggy Peas......

A friend of mine recently put this recipe on Pinterest. Think it came from The Guardian. Obviously it had a slightly better title but it was in Spanish so I have translated freely.......anyway, decided to try it out tonight as it claimed to be quick and easy, and it was, pretty much.

You chop up a couple of shallots and some garlic (you all know I didn't use real garlic as it's far too much faff, the nice ready minced garlic they sell in Eurasie is so much easier) and fry them for a bit in some olive oil. Then you add a cup of chicken stock, (recipe said homemade, I said pass the Oxo) and a load of peas and leave it to simmer for a while til the stock has reduced.

Then in goes a bit of salt and pepper and some shredded Serrano ham (I used Jambon de Bayonne as someone gave us an entire leg of the stuff a while back and it's been a bit of a challenge to come up with ways to use it all up, frankly. There's a helluva lot of ham on a pig's leg). The best bit is you crack an egg or two on the top then just cover the pan until the eggs are cooked.

Easy and yummy, just eat with some nice crusty bread or something.  Reckon it'd be good with chorizo instead of ham too.